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  1. Texas Manor Lil` Ring Fruitcakes w/ Collectible Tins 2 Count

    Texas Manor Lil` Ring Cakes in Collectible Tins

    Our half-pound Texas Manor Li'l Fruitcake rings in retro-inspired collectible gift tin. Tasteful gifts for everone on your list. 2 8 ounce tins come with this order. Learn More

    Regular Price: $22.00

    Special Price: $19.80

  2. Texas Manor Fruitcake Cookies in Gift Tin 12 Count

    Texas Manor Fruitcake Cookies in mailer 18ct

    Our unique fruitcake cookies are perfect portions of our famous Texas Manor recipe. All the nuts, fruit, flavor, and tradition in each tasty morsel. They are also convenient and great for sharing. Just set them on your buffet and watch them disappear! 12 fruitcake cookies are included in this order. Learn More
  3. Triple-chocolate Cookie Pie

    Triple-chocolate Cookie Pie

    Part cookie, part pie, 100% delicious. Comes in a package of 1 or 2 delicious pies, each cookie pie is pre-sliced and comes in it's own gold gift tin. Learn More