1. Ya-Hoo! Recipe Fruitcake Loaves

    Ya-Hoo! Cake Loaves

    2 or 6 loaves (1lb each) of Ya-Hoo! Recipe Cake loaves for sharing with your family and friends for the holidays! Individually gift-bagged with bow. Learn More
  2. Hand-made Peanut Brittle

    Hand-made Peanut Brittle

    A Ya-Hoo! Classic hand made with real butter, honey and lots of fresh peanuts. Learn More
  3. Triple-chocolate Cookie Pie

    Triple-chocolate Cookie Pie

    Part cookie, part pie, 100% delicious. Comes in a package of 1 or 2 delicious pies, each cookie pie is pre-sliced and comes in it's own gold gift tin. Learn More
  4. New! Texas Ranger Cookies w/Coconut, Oatmeal, Cinnamon and Pecans

    Texas Ranger Cookies

    Texas Ranger Cookies. 18 oz. 13 individually-wrapped cookies in gift basket Learn More
  5. Ya-Hoo! Recipe Wagon Wheel Fruitcake alternative in Gift Tin

    Ya-Hoo! Wagon Wheel in Gift Tin

    Packed with cherries, chocolate chips and hand placed pecans emulating the shape of a wagon wheel. Each Ya-Hoo! Wagon Wheel comes sealed in a handsome gift tin. Available in 2 sizes and comes in 3 convenient ordering options to satisfy any crowd. Select a size below. Learn More
  6. Colossal Cinnamon Streusel Butternut Coffee Cake in Gift Tin

    Colossal Cinnamon Streusel Butternut Coffee Cake in Gift Tin

    The coffee cake that redefines the word "irresistible"! These homestyle beauties make memorable holiday brunches and thoughtful business gifts. Learn More