Snacks & Candy

Snacks & Candy

  1. Hand-made Peanut Brittle

    Hand-made Peanut Brittle

    A Ya-Hoo! Classic hand made with real butter, honey and lots of fresh peanuts. Learn More

    Temporarily Out of Stock

  2. Texas Manor Fruitcake Rings in Gift Tins 2lb 14oz

    Texas Manor Fruitcake Rings in Gift Tins 2lb 14oz

    Nothing expresses holiday tradition better than a Texas Manor Cake. Red cherries, hearty chunks of pineapple, tasty pecans and golden raisins-all in a delicious batter-rich cake that's been a favorite of millions for over 60 years. This festive ring comes in it's own gift tin. Learn More
  3. Triple-chocolate Cookie Pie

    Triple-chocolate Cookie Pie

    Part cookie, part pie, 100% delicious. Comes in a package of 1 or 2 delicious pies, each cookie pie is pre-sliced and comes in it's own gold gift tin. Learn More
  4. Legendary Hooies Zesty Spicy Cheesy Crunchy Cocktail Biscuits

    Legendary Hooies Spicy Cheesy Crunchy Biscuits

    Our legendary spicy, cheesy, crunchy cocktail biscuits in gift tin. Hooie! They're spicy. Comes in a collectible gift tin. Learn More
  5. New! Texas Ranger Cookies w/Coconut, Oatmeal, Cinnamon and Pecans

    Texas Ranger Cookies

    Texas Ranger Cookies. 18 oz. 13 individually-wrapped cookies in gift basket Learn More